Getting Started

UNCG Green Offices

We applaud your decision to reduce the resources used in your work environment.  By participating in the Green Office Certification Program you are helping the University become as sustainable as possible and work toward carbon neutrality.

The Office of Sustainability realizes each of the University staff and faculty face demanding and increasing responsibilities.  The Green office Certification Program is designed to take the guess work out of campus sustainability and provide ample resources and tools.  Offices that complete the certification process will receive recognition in Campus Weekly, the Office of Sustainability Newsletter, and other publications.

Certification Process

There are three levels to complete.  Each level earns your office a leaf.  Complete the checklist for each and submit it to the Office of Sustainability. After completing the third checklist, you will fill out a brief application for certification.

Before the level one meeting, the office should decide on a primary contact person.  The Office of Sustainability will give presentation on level one.  After this ten minute presentation covering level one criteria faculty and staff are welcome to ask questions.  At this time the participation commitment will be circulated.  In order to begin the certification process 75% of faculty and staff must be willing to participate.  For levels two and three, a formal presentation from the Office of Sustainability is encouraged but not required. The power point, checklist, and all supportive materials are available on the website for your office to use to independently move forward.  It is our goal to make the certification as simple as possible.

Each item on the checklist must be completed before moving on to the next level.  At any point a new staff or faculty person joins the office they should be made aware of the certification process and given the opportunity to sign the participation commitment.

If you have any questions or comments about the Green Office Certification Program, please contact Jessica Trotman in the Office of Sustainability: / 334-3664






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